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Who we are

We are a US-based resume writing company headquartered in New York. We utilize latest technologies, augmented writing and machine learning algorithms to analyze resumes and predict their performance among recruiters. Our designers created a database of templates proven effective among HR managers and constantly enhanced by our writers. Besides the US, we have also helped job seekers from the UK, Canada, Australia and more than 10 other countries.

Our network consists of 15 professional resume writers with personal experience in more than 30 industries. ResumeYard helps you create eye-catching resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Our professional writers have expertise in different fields and job markets ranging from education to IT. They are equipped with the tools of augmented writing giving a real-time feedback on the document’s wording. In addition, our friendly customer support will always be here for you to resolve any problems and inquiries.

All of our resumes are crafted to place you ahead of the competition by showcasing your strengths and the value you will bring to your employer. Our goal is to empower you to promote yourself efficiently and to enable you to achieve your highest career aspirations.


Our Competitive Edge

We are a small independent team of writers and that is the reason why we have the most competitive and reasonable pricing in this business. Our fees and charges are designed to match our client’s financial conditions, keeping us competitive on the market with strong corporate competitors and agencies for years.

Our response time is at a very high level in the industry. Whenever you call us, we answer. The moment you send us an email inquiry, expect to receive a response in 3 hours or less. Never waste your time arguing with the less experienced resume writers. We hire only experts passionate about helping others. Quality, speed and our client’s satisfaction are our top-priorities.

Why We Are the Best

Are you unemployed or underemployed? Are you a career-changer? Are you looking for different opportunities? If yes, then we are absolutely the perfect writing company to write your resumes, cover letters, curriculum vitae (CV), thank-you letters, reference letters, follow-up letters and profiles in social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.).

No matter in which country you live, which industry you aim to work for, which career level you want to engage into, ResumeYard is always here at your service.


Thousands of professionals were invited for the interviews in less than 30 days after they ordered writing services from ResumeYard. Some of our previous clients have joined the teams of professionals at Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, McDonald’s, Walmart, Target, Honeywell, PepsiCo and many other.

We use result-oriented and personal approach in order to take into account all your desires and needs. We like helping people and feel fulfilled when we get positive feedback from our clients describing their dream job. Our writers are assigned based on the industry and a country of our clients and their expertise allows us to claim that the chance of getting a job is extremely high. We believe that we can do our job well and make people happy.

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