Best Short Cover Letter Sample

Today, most job applicants are required to compose impressive cover letters alongside their traditional resumes. Although there are countless resources and templates available online, people seemingly still struggle with the task. Why? We think the answer is simple. It is that although there are plenty of free recommendations, we face the shortage of samples that are easy to use right away.

We therefore came up with a solution – a simple cover letter design that achieves quick and effective results without wasting any more of your time.


Our short cover letter example

First, take a look at our short cover letter sample:

Dear [Hiring Manager],

Your company [Company Name] is well-known for [characteristic] and I would love to join your team and contribute to this reputation as your [job title].

The attached resume will tell you all about my skills that I acquired during [#] years of experience in [your field]. However, the resume won’t tell you that I am passionate about [thing this new position involves] and creating [awesome thing resulting from your skills].

I’m ready to leverage my background in this role with a team that appreciates [relevant qualities], and [company or department name] seems like the right place to apply myself for.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Your name]

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Unique Cover Letter

As one can see, writing a cover letter is an inevitable milestone in a job search. Just remember, no matter how hard it may seem, how alluring the desire not to familiarize oneself with Call-to-Action Cover Letter, Courtesy Cover Letter, or Staying Solidly on the Ground Cover Letter may seem to you, this topic is of an utmost importance if a candidate wishes to secure their place in the workforce. Do not worry, the remedial cover letter writing service tackles every challenge on the jugle-world job search. Our prices are moderate, just check them out.

What is cover letter and why is it important?

First, let us give you a clear idea of exactly what a modern cover letter is. Its primary job is to show your intention to apply for the particular job position, using a brief and memorable message. Such a document is addressed directly to a recruiter and serves as a powerful addition to a resume. So, we think it is advisable to compose and report one even if an employer does not state its requirement.


Do not be swayed by the recommendations of “unnamed internet experts with 10+ years of experience in business” who tell you not to write one. In most situations, it can only complement your application. This is regardless of the company or business you are applying to, as well as the method- be it email, letter, or online application platforms

Smart job seekers usually tailor their resumes for each job they apply for, which is a practice that can also be applied to cover letters. A cover letter allows them to reach out to their potential future employer in a more informal and less robotic way (compared to solely submitting a resume). This means you can showcase your human qualities, while demonstrating your passion and motivation. The skills you mention, for instance leadership and team working qualities, can be showcased in a more vivid and genuine way. Therefore, the chances of you being invited to an interview are much greater.

Tips on how to write a short cover letter

The first rule you need to know is to keep everything as brief as possible. The short cover letter format for any job (as well as your resume) should be a one-page document and should span no more than two-thirds of a page (half a page is even better). Almost every single template on the web is too wordy for the modern world because very few people will really bother to read the full letter. In today’s world, everything is getting faster. Efficient information platforms such as LinkedIn are growing every day. Yesterday’s technologies are constantly being replaced by current innovations. Now, the trend with cover letters is the move from long and lengthy extracts, to short and concise paragraphs. It is therefore important for you to keep your letter short and to the point.


Nevertheless, adding a small section describing achievements or additional skills to this sample may aid your application. It is important, however, that your writing is easy to comprehend and has a simple structure.


Try to avoid popular, overused words and phrases such as “I am the best candidate because...” or “As you can see on my resume...”.


There are always other alternatives out there to convey your ideas. Pay close attention to design, fonts, and formatting. It is better to stand out by publishing quality content than attempt to hide behind the visual beauty of the template.

You may notice that very often the core chunk of the cove r letter slightly repeats that of a CV. This is completely fine, as we are not copying the same information, but rather demonstrating our skills and experience from a different angle. Finally, companies nowadays use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to review your resume. These machines look for keywords on your resumes and filter through those that are unsuitable for the job description. Luckily, cover letters are free from this system. This brings us to our final point.

Unlike the given template, most short cover letter examples on the web do not show the real intention of the job seeker. It is as if they are written for no apparent reason other than the fact that everyone writes them. So, your creativity and your approach to differentiating yourself from other candidates is paramount in increasing your job chances. In particular, the way you craft the letter will reflect your attitude. Thus, we strongly recommend that you tackle a cover letter at a time when you are full of vigor and energy. An early sunny morning, for instance, springs to mind. Managing your time schedules effectively will allow you to create a more effective cover letter.


Remember that there are no strict rules on how creative you can be. Who knows, maybe your own original idea about the structure or formatting of the CV will turn out to be a success and will help you get that fantastic job.

To conclude, there is a peculiar feeling that we get while reading a well-written cover letter for any position - it is as if the applicant is already part of a team without even being hired yet. Although it sounds a little over-the-top at first, most hiring managers are actually highly experienced in the fields of business communication and psychology. Therefore, they can detect your intentions by the way you put words together. It is easy to make a good impression on them if you understand of what they need and expect. Your cover letter can potentially make or break your future career. Thus, we hope you can take our advice to craft an effective letter that lands you your future dream job!


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