Excellent Ways to Talk About Gaps in Resume Professionally

Various reasons make individuals to take a break from their job. Sometimes it is deliberate because you are raising a child, went back to school, traveling or taking care of a sick person. In other circumstances, it is because you were laid off, your contract expired and was not renewed, or you were fired. Whatever the reasons, it is essential that you find the best way to explain the gaps in resume effectively. Nevertheless, the response will depend on what you have been doing while you were not employed. You must provide the right information when explaining the gaps. Do not be tempted to lie. For any reason, there are ways to make gaps less obvious. You can use the dates to cover them. This is especially when you were in a position for more than a year. For example:

Sales Manager, XYZ Company


Sales representative, ABC Company

2013- 2015

If there are some months that you are not employed, let’s say from 2015 January to November the same year, they will not be noticed. Secondly, you can use a different format.

Tip: Have a summary statement section with a career highlight. It allows you to show your accomplishments and skills without stating when you did what.

Learn How to Fill in Employment Gaps on Resume from Experts

Several options can be used to fill gaps in employment on resume. When you are conversant with these options, they can help you to explain the difference correctly and be received positively by the potential employer other than just saying, “I took some time off.” It is essential to understand that interviewers are aware of resume gaps. The important aspect is to know how to answer when asked about them. What you do for the period you are not employed matters a lot. Some ways that will ensure the gap is filled is involving in volunteer work, attend local and industry events, and expand your education by attending refresher courses. With these activities, it becomes easier when considering how to fill in employment gaps on resume. You will be more confident because all along you have been productive.

Tips on How to Explain Gaps in Resume Correctly

If you lost your job, the interviewer would be keen to know what happened. The response you provide matters a lot. Therefore,

Do not say

That company XYZ disliked me from the start. Probably I would have left earlier.


Since the company had to implement some changes to cut the operation cost, because of their policy- the last in-first out, unfortunately, I was laid off. Nevertheless, I achieved a lot and can be confirmed by the previous manager, who happens to be one of my referees.

If you went back to study

Do not say

I am not sure if this career path is right for me, so I went back to school to try and find out what best I can do with my life.


I desired to expand my career by completing some extra training. Now that I have attained my academic goals, I am certain my qualification will benefit the company I work for.

Always make it positive and explain precisely. Such tips are helpful to know how to explain gaps in resume for any other reason.

Importance of Handling Gaps in Employment Resume Effectively

Do not fail to prepare about answering gaps in employment resume. Always prepare in advance to stand a better chance of answering precisely. Likewise, Resumeyard is an excellent establishment that can help you make for any question. Being knowledgeable in dealing with resumes, they can help you with practical ways to answer correctly. So, do not be afraid because you have gaps in your employment history. They will offer the best solution. Being prepared:

  • Boost your morale and confidence, so you will not feel uneasy and stressed.
  • You will be perceived as a proactive employee with excellent problem-solving skills, adaptability, and self-initiative.
  • Shows that you have grown your experience and skills by finding the right solution.

Get Professional Guide on Tackling Gaps in Resume for Stay at Home Moms

Gaps in resume for stay at home moms are not always a big deal. We help you know how to deal with such period effectively. The mistake that most moms do is focusing on what they have been doing while at home. It is not the right approach. Keep it unless asked. What you need to do is:

  • Concentrate on the job you are applying for
  • Be exact about the experience you have
  • Show what you have achieved
  • Back it with numbers where possible.

If you still need some help on matters relating to resumes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to offer the best support online. So rely on us!