Professional Marketing Manager Resume Writing

A marketing manager is someone who plans, implements and manages the marketing and advertisement campaigns of a certain product, service of business. They can be responsible for several products, or be responsible for a single product. Being a good marketing manager comes with both experience and education, but the two do not have to go hand-in-hand. It is hard to translate all the marketing management experience and skills into a resume format. To quell any confusions you may have, we have created a guide of helpful tips to adhere to when writing your marketing manager resume.

Resume Tips for Marketing Manager

In many firms, marketing managers can find many different niches and spheres which compliment their talents and interests, offering them much flexibility. To present your skills and interests in the best way, it is better to create separate versions of your resume for each opening. Nevertheless, there are a few general rules that are important for all of the paralegal resumes that you write.

1. Put the most relevant information at the top of the page.

Apart from contact information, you only need to include your achievements and relevant work experience. If you do not have any marketing experience, it is also acceptable to include other professional experiences – for instant your Public Relations or sales experience, as long as you can speak about your contributions to the organization’s success. As a marketing manager, you are meant to conduct and implement different marketing strategies.


Focus on what recruiters want to see on your resume. Don’t include irrelevant work experience, strange hobbies and … bad grammar.

2. Choose the right format for your resume.

There are two main formats - chronological and functional. If you have an extensive list of relevant work experience, the chronological format is perfect for you. Use the following order for this format:

  • Contact information
  • Summary
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Work Experience
  • Education

If you are a recent graduate or are changing careers, you may find the functional format to be more suitable. The sections go as follows:

  • Contact information
  • Summary
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Work Experience
  • Education

This format allows you to list your skills and provide achievements to verify them.


Get creative by adding extra sections if they help you demonstrate your competencies (e.g. Awards, Professional affiliations).


Be overly creative with naming those sections. Online scanners look for particular words and may not recognize a section named ‘Relevant Background’. It is better to use a more conventional heading like, ‘Work Experience’.

3. Don’t forget about grammar and formatting.

Double-check your grammar and ask somebody to proofread your resume.

Use a simple resume template. Stick to a professional looking font: Calibri, Arial or Trebuchet. Keep the font size within 9-11 points.

Marketing Manager Resume Examples

Take a look at some of the most characteristic resume examples written by our professional writers.

A Regional Marketing Manager resume sample.

Advice to Writing a Resume for Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you have likely experienced your fair share of challenges over the course of your professional and academic career. However, it is difficult to translate all of this work into a strictly formatted and concise resume. To ensure that this is no longer an obstacle in your career search, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you highlight your most notable achievements.

1. Spend some time thoroughly working through your “Summary” section.

This is the first thing recruiters will see on your resume. The wording of this section is extremely important because it has to demonstrate your ability to work in teams, and contribute to firm productivity.

As mentioned earlier, marketing managers work with other team members to create numerous advertising campaigns. A good paralegal applicant should be able to prove his or her ability to effectively promote the products or services offered by the company using different marketing channels. They also negotiate the contracts for the various forms of advertising after forming a marketing budget. Marketing managers also determine the marketability of the product or service they are working with by test the public interest and conducting customer surveys. As a result, it is recommended that you highlight your knowledge of the field you are working for, your ability to engage with others, and most importantly, your comfort with the marketing field as a whole.

Keep your summary statement short, not more than 5-6 lines but compelling and engaging. Don’t hesitate to use specific marketing jargon, as long as it makes logical sense.

Take a look at some of our great summary examples and advice on how you can improve yours:


Proactive and result-oriented Brand Marketing Director with 20y+ experience in Business Development and Digital Marketing. Exemplary team player with a consistent track record in revenue growth, financial management, team management, brand development, marketing, project and event management. Having a diverse skill set with experience and major wins in startups, mid-size companies and fortune 500 companies. Responsibilities include utilizing digital presence, expanding strategic partnerships, increasing editorial coverage.


Proactive Brand Marketing Director with 20y+ experience in Digital Marketing. Having a diverse skill set with experience and major wins in startups, mid-size companies and fortune 500 companies.

2. Make sure that you are prepared to have your resume scanned by company word filters.

If you are submitting your paralegal resume online, it will most likely be scanned by an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a robot that scans your resume and looks for necessary keywords, work experience and additional requirements if there are any. However, it is still important to use professional terminology and jargon when sending a resume directly to a recruiter, despite it not being relevant to ATS. Using professional vocabulary will demonstrate that you are familiar with this field.


Include a fair number of marketing keywords like, “Internet Marketing”, “market research”, “draft dismissals”, etc.


Overuse keywords which serve no purpose in your sentences.

3. Include all the relevant competencies and skills.

In the “Work Experience”, or “Employment history” section, you can use some action words that are popular among scanning software programs.


Use relevant action words, such as: analyze, assess, design, promote, track, develop, maintain, research, implement, capture.

It is also important that you present your skills in the best wording possible. For example:

  • Public Relations
  • Event Organization
  • Effective Management Solutions
  • Brand Visibility and Product Loyalty

Avoid including vague and informal statements like ‘increase sales’ or ‘Implement strategies’.


Use your academic credentials as additional evidence of your achievements and experience.

Although the marketing field is changing rapidly, and a continuous lifelong learning is a must in your profession, you still need to mention your formal qualifications. Include any certifications you might have, make sure to focus on the relevant courses that you may have taken in your undergraduate degree. Even if you did not study marketing specifically, try to pinpoint the specific courses that may help you succeed in this profession. These can include any courses involving advertisement, digital marketing, or market analysis.


Drop your technical experience. In today’s companies, every employee is expected to have technical skills.

Here are a few software skills that every applicant must have, and should highlight in their resume, along with examples of softwares specific to each skill: 

  • Google Analytics, Facebook ads
  • CRM tools like SalesForce
  • Presentations and word processing - Microsoft Office suite and beyond

Although you are free to include any general technological skills you may have, specialist experience working these programs and tools, or similar programs will be a substantial advantage on your resume. Even if your company does not use the same software that you have experience with, demonstrating your experience with similar platforms will translate to your employer being much more confident in your technical skills and your ability to learn and acquire new skills.

Here is an example of a Regional Marketing Manager resume:

  • Responsible for company’s promotion and ensured branding of the company.
  • Carried out administrative duties including payroll, spreadsheets, and weekly reports.
  • Promoted LeafFilter product at consumer-driven home shows, fairs, festivals and other events.
  • Hired, trained, and supervised marketers/team members.
  • Increased sales by developing and implementing new strategies to target prospects.
  • Initiated consumer interest and lead generation.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with exhibitors/sponsors.

Here is an example of a Director of Brand Marketing Resume:

  • Obtained market share by developing marketing plans and programs for each product; directing promotional support.
  • Maintained relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer relations programs.
  • Provided market forecasts and reports by directing market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data.
  • Influenced present and future products by determining and evaluating current and future market trends.
  • Developed new uses for existing products by analyzing statistics regarding market development; acquiring and analyzing data; consulting with internal and external sources.

4. Some tips for writing about your achievements.

To prove that you brought value to the companies you were a part of, it is extremely important that you quantify your work. As a marketing manager, you have to be aware of multiple metrics that are easily traceable especially if you are working in digital marketing field. You have to show that you can bring real change and improvement to the company - whether this is in efficiency, or organization.

So, it is not enough to say you worked with social media. Instead, you should include the number of your projects, and if possible, the results of the work you have provided. This rule applies to any of your achievements.


  • 6 product awards in major publications.
  • 260% increase in Twitter Social Media audience, 952% increase in YouTube Social Media audience.
  • 3.8% – 7.7% click through rate on digital advertising.
  • 44% increase of Average Order Value (AOV) web sales.

ATS keywords to use in Marketing Manager resume

Here are some of the essential keywords for marketing managers nowadays:

Advertising Strategy

Brand Acquisition

Brand Management

Consultative Sales

Consumer Surveys

Contract Management


Creative Design CRM

Customer Loyalty Program

Event Planning

Internet Marketing

Market Analysis

Market Research

Market Share Ratings


Digital Marketing

Needs Assessment

Niche Marketing

Portfolio Management 

Product Management

Product Positioning

Profit Margin

Public Relations

Reputation Management

Resource Management

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Trade Marketing

Trend Analysis

Quick sets and statistics

It is more efficient to use video materials for most marketing campaigns. 20% of people prefer text while 80% prefer watching a video with the same content. Also, people retain 58% of what they see but only 10% of what they read.

Technology Skills and Software to Put on Marketing Manager resume

Here are some of the skills that almost every marketing manager should know.

WordPress, Hotjar, Buzzsumo, Facebook Ads, GoToMeeting, Google Analytics, MailChimp,  Photoshop, AgoraPulse, ZenDesk, Trello, Slack, SalesForce.

Marketing automation tools like Marketo, CRM tools like Salesforce, and Google Analytics to build strategies that convert leads through the entire sales funnel.